James Harding




Professional Skills

Having been employed professionally as a software engineer and worked freelance contracts, I have extensive real-world programming experience.

Read on for work examples.

In addition to my software knowledge, I am also qualified as a Commercial Pilot and as a Glider Instructor/Check Pilot.

Relevant Experience

EventMobi Software Engineer

  • Automated API documentation system (Python)
  • Added LinkedIn profile integration to EventMobi account (JS)
  • Pinch-to-zoom maps with zoom to location (JS)
  • In-app rich banner ads (PHP, JS, CSS, SQL)


  • RESTful API design and implementation (Python, Flask)
  • Database relationship structure design (SQL)
  • Integration with third-party flight APIs (Python)
  • Android application which interacts with the API (Java, Android SDK)

You're Next Lead Developer

  • Beautiful front end design (HTML, CSS)
  • Custom built ajax/standard hybrid navigation engine (JS)
  • Company registration and stripe payment API integration (Python, Flask)
  • Database-driven company dashboard panel (Flask, SQLAlchemy)